Our services

For many people, renting or buying real estate isn't part of their everyday life. The first question people usually have is: should I rent, buy or build? A trend is that most people want to rent, because of the expenses and the desired flexibility.

How do we reach the ideal buyer or seller, what is the right price and what conditions should we consider? Our brokers help you find your ideal property or buyer. Hamilton has a large network, which means that specific results will be achieved in the short term. We will assist you during the visit/viewing and during the review of the agreement. We will provide you with an overview of the price, quality and all the conditions. On behalf of you, it is checked where any bottlenecks may be and after an ideal buyer or seller has been found, we keep you up-to-date.

  • You will be kept informed of our recent listings
  • Construction and destination plans are tested first for legal feasibility
  • Homes and commercial properties are determined to their true value
  • Hamilton also helps you negotiate about the purchase price
  • You can choose for an intensive supervision or for a partial guidance
  • We help you in establishing a favorable transaction

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